About our lab

The mission of M.D. - ERL is to explore the use of electrokinetics, specifically dielectrophoresis, in microdevices with the goal of developing medical diagnostic devices to detect and quantify diseases and disease progression. The ultimate goal is to detect a variety of blood diseases and return quantitative values for the number of infected / unhealthy cells relative to the number of healthy cells - all within a single drop of blood.

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Meet the lab members of M.D.-ERL

Engineering structurally colored materials that mimic biological color generation and are structurally responsive is critical for developing materials for camouflage applications. By mimicking light-structure mechanisms used to generate structural colors in many butterflies and reptiles, we hope to design a material capable of changing its surface color in response to the surrounding environment. There are two ways of creating structural color, incoherent light scattering and coherent light scattering.



About the director of M.D.-ERL

Since beginning at MTU as an Associate Professor in 2009 , Dr. Adrienne Minerick has built a vibrant, productive research team. She has been published in the Proceedings of the National Academies of Science and been featured in Chemical Engineering Progress and written an invited perspectives article for AIChE Journal. She has enriched undergraduate education through her NSF funded REU program and her desktop experiment modules, and her service record includes a number of executive board positions for the American Electrophoresis Society and American Society of Engineering Education.



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